A few points about "Inn-terior" photography.

You spend thousands making your rooms look beautiful.
Are you saving any money by making them look small, dark and fuzzy?

Some innkeepers are now shooting their own web site photos with digital cameras or letting the web designer do it. These cameras are great for birthdays, vacations and family outings. They are very poor for shooting guest rooms and other small spaces with low light. They are simply not meant to do this type of thing.

It doesn't make good advertising or business sense to have your rooms looking small, dark and muddy on the web. Rooms seldom need to be photographed - usually only when you renovate or re-decorate. How often is that? After I photograph your rooms, you'll have beautiful images for printing or web - you get double the usage. They are wide, nicely lit digital images, scanned on a high resolution drum scanner, and given to you on disk. They are your property. I can also combine this with beautiful brochures, postcards and web sites. We actually create more brochures for New England lodgings than anyone, but it all starts with the photography.

I don't begrudge anyone trying to save a little money, but I don't think anybody is. Save the digital camera for parties and vacations. Promoting your business is entirely another thing.

Before And After Comparisons

These photos are of a small guest room. One was shot by the innkeeper with a digital camera, the other is mine. Before I photographed it some of the furniture was changed, and a nice comforter was put on the bed, but it is still the same room.

Digital camera breakfast room at left, the same room at right.

The digital camera needed two shots (above and right) to get little slices of this small room. At right, the same room as I shot it. This the same room with one shot. This shows what the room really looks like, and gives the viewer a sense of the actual room size. Also note the improvement in color of the bedspread and pillows.

Placing wine or champagne in the scene is a nice touch, but in this digital photo you can hardly see it, and the harsh lighting ruins the entire effect. There are different ways to create mood, shown in the image on the right and below.

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